San Giovanni Ilarione - Verona - Italy


The Maltraversi farm is a producer of high-quality wine located in the north-east of the Italian peninsula and included within the Veneto region, a few kilometers from its capital: "Venice". It is located in a fraction of territory located at the foot of the Lessini mountains between the provinces of Verona and Vicenza. The company vineyards are located within the municipality of San Giovanni Ilarione at an altitude between 350 and 600 meters high. The soil is fairly loose and of basalt origin while the air temperature as well as that of the soil undergo, during the summer, a good temperature range which favors the qualitative aspect of the grapes. The territory being located in the foothills of the Lessini mountains (small Dolomites) undergoes all those atmospheric events typical of the mountain including heavy rainfall (on average between 850 and 1000 mm of annual rainfall). This location and this exposure to atmospheric agents makes this territory one of the areas with the highest spumante vocation in Italy.

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